Field Trip Friends is now accepting registrations for SUMMER "Ahupua'a" SESSION and Le Jardin Academy's Summer After School Program!

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Would you like to take your child on different, outdoor educational adventures (“ed-ventures”) around the island, while learning about our Hawaiian culture and environment at the same time?

It’s time to get out of the house and into the sunshine for the 4E’s:

Field Trip Friends is a parent-child outdoor education program. Programs are tailored toward entertaining and teaching children about the environment, while also providing educational, cultural, and historical information for the parent.

The goal of the program is to get families outdoors, learning about our rich environment, including animals, the ocean & land, and the precious Hawaiian culture and history. Let’s get unplugged, get some exercise & sunshine, and be enriched by what nature has to offer. The more we learn about this special environment, the more we can appreciate and care for it.

Join Field Trip Friends as parents and children together experience unique outings to different places such as gardens, farms, taro patches, historical sites, cultural landmarks, private horse ranches, fish ponds, beaches, & parks. Teach your children to appreciate the wonders of nature and our beautiful surroundings & guide them in growing up with a sense of pride and ownership for our Aina (land).

Let’s feel the smooth moss on the rocks and the squishy stalk of a banana tree! Let’s learn what sand is made from, how Hawaiians built their own fishponds, & how an Ahupua’a can be self-sustaining. Let’s make & taste poi from the taro patch and drink noni that’s so good for us! Let’s ride horses, interact with dolphins, and watch a’ama crabs slide around! Let’s sing songs, explore, feed animals, pick vegetables, ride boats, & have fun in nature!