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Registration Form

I, as the parent, Agency Representative or Legal Guardian of the child/children stated above, will be solely responsible for this child/children at all times during Field Trip Friends, Inc. (FTF) programs & hereby hold FTF & its locations harmless & not responsible for any & all damages, injuries, or loses that may be sustained while in the care of FTF and its locations. I have read FTFs Policies & Procedures, Registration, & Tuition information at & accept the terms stated within. Due to the unique design & independent creation of Field Trip Friends, Inc. (FTF), I, the undersigned, understand that submission of this registration creates a confidential relationship between me, the undersigned, & FTF. I further understand & agree that I am obligated to remain loyal to FTF by not disclosing its trade secrets, original ideas, & private locations to a potential competitor or use them to establish or create my own similar program. I understand that this type of intellectual piracy by implication or otherwise will be a breach of the confidential relationship between me & FTF. I give permission to Field Trip Friends, Inc. (FTF) to photograph &/or videotape the adults & children named above & allow use of the resulting photos/videos for FTF's education, evaluation, marketing, documentation, &/or sharing amongst members, including posting on the FTF Facebook site and/or website.