Field Trip Friends is now accepting registrations for SUMMER "Ahupua'a" SESSION and Le Jardin Academy's Summer After School Program!

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We’re so glad we found Field Trip Friends Hawaii. We started with the program shortly after moving to the Island and it’s been an amazing introduction to all the different and exciting things that can be found here. As home-schoolers, a program like this is really important as it gives us a great activity that is fun and educational. Cindy is so fun and creative, and my four year old daughter wakes up Friday mornings asking where we’re going with Field Trip Friends. We’ll all be sad when our session is over, so we’ll have to sign up again for another one soon!

~Tammy (Lauren 4, Tiernan 5 mo.)

My son is 13 months and he had an absolute ball on his first field trip. He got to eat a taro roll which he literally mowed down! He got to see and hold tiny little frogs for the first time (now he knows what I’m talking about when I read him books about the little guys). He loved playing in the stream. He found two great sticks and banged them together to make music when the songs were being sung.

The best part about it was the way home. I could see him in my rear view mirror and he would stare off like he was remembering and then would just start cracking himself up and clapping and then sigh and then get the biggest smile on his face and sigh. I could tell he just loved it.

~Shawna (Koa, 13 mo.)

As Oahu gets more and more over-developed and modernized, it has become increasingly difficult to give my keiki the same or similar “outdoor” adventures I was privy to, when I was a kid growing up on Oahu. A lot of my outdoor adventures were, in fact, experienced on our neighboring islands. I am pleasantly surprised to learn that there ARE still magical, natural, outdoor places for my keiki and I to explore, on Oahu.

I am so grateful to Cindy Flores, for sharing them with us. These wonderful, sensory and tactile outdoor ‘”ed-ventures”‘ in nature have left a lasting, delightful impression on the hearts and minds of my growing keiki.

~LoriAnn (Leila 4, Stacy 2 1/2)

I have really been impressed with the organization of the program and the instructor. I just wanted to pass along my positive experience and encourage anyone who’s thinking about signing up. It’s a great opportunity to spend time in nature with your little one. The places she’s arranged are not places I would have really taken the initiative to visit. I’m enjoying it as much as my son.

~Kirsten (Jack, 2)

Kanoe and I love the adventures we go on with Field Trip Friends Hawaii! It’s such a fun way for us to see new places, and she loves singing the songs and making the crafts. I love all of the great information that Cindy shares with us about the places we visit. She makes each trip so much fun with her knowledge, energy and humor. I would definitely recommend this program to any parents of young children as a great way to get out and explore O’ahu with their keiki!

~Chrisann (Kanoelani, 23 mo.)

We have loved Field Trip Friends Hawaii! It has been the perfect thing for me to do with my kids while we were visiting Oahu this summer! We saw places we wouldn’t normally see as tourists, we learned so much about Hawaii, and we had a blast together! Cindy was so knowledgeable and great with the kids (and the adults)!

~Sjauna (Evelynn 3, Owen 2)

Zach and I had a great time at the horse ranch! We love going to new places and having new adventures. Zach’s fed goats and sheep but had not fed horses before. It was so beautiful there, too. I am so glad we found you and your field trip group!

~Cara (Zachary, 3)

Cooper & Bailey had a great time on the scavenger hunt! The little explorer’s bag that you made up for everyone was very cute. They both have their magnifying glasses sitting at their place at the table and have been examining their food for the past two days!!! And the little insect finger puppets you gave them went swimming with us yesterday!

~Michelle (Cooper 6, Bailey 2)

My daughter & I had the most amazing experience exploring the real Hawaii with FTF! What a great way to get outside, spend special time with your little one and learn so much about the culture & history of Hawaii. Thank you, Cindy!! We loved every minute and hope to see you next Spring!

~Becca & Makena (17 months old)

We’ve enjoyed participating with our three-year old daughter in everything from swim classes and music classes to gym classes and dance classes, but nothing beats Field Trip Friends. Our schedules have gotten busy and we’ve chosen to drop everything but Field Trip Friends. It is the ultimate activity in every way–from Cindy’s energy & expertise to the great diversity in the field trips to the fun times we’ve shared with other field trip families. It’s the one activity we as parents, AND the kids, love the most. We live in a beautiful place & this program allows us to get out there and enjoy & experience all it has to offer! We’ve lived here all our lives & Field Trip Friends has taken us to so many places we never knew about! Thanks Field Trip Friends!

~Suzanne (Katie, 2)

I have fun on the field trips as much as Nicholas. I like to see things I wouldn’t normally get to see. Not to mention, getting to have some adult conversation.

~Melony (Nicholas, 18 mo.)

Field Trip Friend Hawaii has given me great opportunities to bond with my son in many different learning environments. The field trips are so much fun for the two of us, and have taken us to places we wouldn’t ordinarily go to. I’ve been places that I’ve never been to before nor imagined even existed, and I lived here my whole life! Our field trips are our quality time for “just us”. Thanks for all the wonderful experiences.

~Happy Mommy & Son